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NFT Numismatic Collection

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Cryptocurrency Backed

Every NFT is backed by WAX tokens equal to his face value at 1:1 - 1:100.000 ratio.

Educational Purpose

Accurate numismatic information, suited to learn history through coins.

Professional Design

Coherent design across 5 levels of scarcity, each having it own distinct mark easy recognizable.

Collectible & Transferable

All NFTs are composed in collections and can be sold or traded with other collectors.

How it works

NFT Digital Assets

NFT certifies digital assets to be unique, tracked on blockchains and provide the owner with a proof of ownership.

WAX Cloud Wallet

WAX Cloud Wallet allows owners to store and view digital assets on the WAX blockchain in a secure and safe environment.

Atomic Hub Marketplace

Atomic Hub is a marketplace for NFTs on the WAX blockchain technology. Here you can buy, sell & auction assets.

The world will change, the money that we used to have in our pockets will be soon referred as!

As a crypto enthusiast I am eager to see how the financial system will change, as a graphic designer I love the NFTs and the power is giving to the artists, as a numismatic collector… I’m confused. But that is good news, uncertainty pushes me to dig deeper and find solutions and this is how started, a digital numismatic collection: educative, comprehensive and backed by cryptocurrency.

George Traistă, Founder

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