Coin Hunt

See Pack Drop

The English word "pirate" was only standardized in the eighteenth century, just about when the last pirates from English descent were roaming the seas and oceans... so let's start our adventure in that period!

Get ready for this time travel journey, we’re in London and the Great Bell, or Big Ben how is known, has just stuck 5 in the evening , get your coat and jump in for the pack sale, these will be your supplies for the journey… got it?

Half an hour from now you will see yourself on the Sale Island, you can open your packs here and thoroughly check if you have everything you need, if not, maybe a short stop to the market will help, other time travel pirates will be there.

I will advise you to make some connections while you are still here, get a boat and a crew. You’ll have to get to the Twitter Valley quick, the treasure keys are there guarded by 8 accounts:, NyteWolf, WAX Guide, BlockchainCards, NFT Horizon, Zeus, CAV3211 and NFT Launchpad. Stay wide-awake as other pirates will try to get the keys also.

As quick you get hold of one of those keys, set sale to the Nefty Cay where you can create the blends and open the treasure chest, very rare gold Guinea coins or full Sovereign can be inside. Or, if you have the right key, the treasure can get you that sweet  5 Pounds coin, that one is very valuable, the mad man from will give you 100 WAX in exchange for that.

The NFTs inside the packs are Rare 10 Pence NFTs that are integral part of the collection. So, if you don’t like to join the coin hunt, you can still get the packs and open it as a normal coin drop. And remember, those NFTs will get even more rare as some will be burned during the Coin Hunt blends. Arrrrr right?

How it works

Get the packs

Buy the packs on 11th July 5 PM UTC. Unpack 30 minutes later (5:30 PM UTC).

Hunt the keys

Go to twitter and follow the mentioned accounts above, they will release the keys (silver and gold keys).

Create blends

Create the blends that consist in 10 Pence letter coins and one key and get you Very Rare coin NFT.